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MIM advantage


the analysis of the essence of MIM technology, it is the most suitable for mass production of high melting point materials high strength at present.
The advantages of the technology of complex shape parts can be summarized as follows:
A. can produce complex shaped metal parts at the same time as plastic products.
B. products have low cost, good finish high precision (+ 0.3% ~ 0.1%).
C. has high mechanical strength, hardness, elongation other mechanical properties, good abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance uniform structure.
D. has high utilization rate of raw materials, high production automation, simple process continuous mass production.

 MIM mold

E. can easily adopt one mold multi hole mold, which has high forming efficiency long service life of mould.
F. injection material can be used repeatedly, the material utilization rate is over 98%.
G. is especially suitable for mass production with good consistency in product performance. If the parts selected are appropriate the quantity is more, the economic benefits will be higher.
H. has a wide range of materials, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, refractory alloy, cemented carbide, high density alloy so on.
E. pollution-free, the production process is clean process production.
The selection of metal forming processes, the complexity of parts production output are two main determinants. MIM process in
When parts are large complex, they have an advantage. For parts designers, we should focus on designing three dimensional complex shapes.
The parts with large output will give full play to the characteristics of MIM technology achieve the effect of reducing production cost improving product performance.

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