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MIM technical characteristics


MIM The technology combines the advantages of the two technologies of powder metallurgy plastic injection molding, breaks through the limitation of the traditional metal powder molding process on the shape of the product, uses the technology of plastic injection molding to form the complex parts with large volume high efficiency. It has become a near net forming technology for the manufacture of high quality precision parts. The advantages of machining methods such as machining precision casting are incomparable.

 MIM mold processing

Like the production of plastic products, small metal parts with complex shape are usually weighed at 0.1 -200g.

Like forming plastic products, various complex shapes are formed, such as external grooves, external threads, conical outer surfaces, cross through holes, blind holes, concave tables, key pins, stiffeners, surface knurling, etc.

It has good surface finish high dimensional accuracy. The tolerance is usually 0.3% to 0.5%.

The material has wide application range, high density (up to 95% to 99%) uniform structure excellent performance.

Product quality is stable, production efficiency is high, automation, mass production scale production can be realized.

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