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Classification composition of mold


Mould classification:

Depending on the material being molded

Metal molds, plastic molds, their special molds.

Metal molds are divided into: stamping dies (such as blanking dies, bending dies, deep drawing dies, flip dies, shrinkage dies, undulating dies, bulging dies, plastic dies, etc.), forging dies (such as die forging dies, 镦 Forging dies, etc.), extrusion dies, extrusion dies, die casting dies, forging dies, etc .;

Non-metal molds are divided into: plastic molds, inorganic non-metal molds, sand molds, vacuum molds paraffin molds.

Among them, with the rapid development of polymer plastics, plastic molds are closely related to people's lives. Plastic molds can be generally divided into: injection molding molds, extrusion molding molds, gas-assisted molding molds.

Mold composition:

In addition to the mold itself, the mold base, mold base, mold core lead to the ejection device of the product, etc. These components are generally made of universal type. Mould companies need to be bigger more sophisticated. They need to determine product positioning market positioning based on market demand, technology, capital, equipment other conditions. These practices are particularly worthy of learning reference for small mold companies, focus on gradually forming their own technological advantages products. Advantage. Therefore, China's mold companies must actively strive to learn the experience of these advanced enterprises in order to better develop in the future.


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