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Injection products

Injection products
Detailed introduction:

Injection molding products refer to products that are heated plasticized by an injection molding machine, then injected into the cavity of the molding mold. After cooling cooling, the melt is solidified released, the injection molding machine injection-molded the product.

Plastic injection molding machines have a wide variety of injection molded products a wide range of applications. Especially in textile equipment automobile manufacturing, there are various shapes of injection molded products as accessories. Medical equipment, cultural educational supplies, various containers, turnover boxes, shoes that people can see in daily life. There are also a variety of complex injection-molded structural parts, functional parts, precision parts for special purposes. Injection-molded products are widely used in transportation, packaging, post telecommunications, communications, construction, home appliances, computers, aerospace national defense, etc. Field has become an indispensable means of production consumer goods.

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